>Nearly binged

05 Aug

>Today has been a struggle in more ways than one.

First of the the urge to binge has been unbearable today, it has felt like every where I have looked there has been so many things I have just wanted to eat. But I am pleased to say that I resisted, I stuck to my usual restriction of under 200 calories. I am going to say the same thing as I always say, I no it isn’t good for my recovery, but I am too tired to think about that at the moment.
The urge to self harm has been unbearable today, I just cannot stop my mind racing about it. I think it is a good thing I still have my babysitter as I really think I could do a lot of damage to myself at the moment.
I think I am exhausted of trying so hard all of the time and never seeming to get anywhere. I wish someone else could borrow my body and mind, get it better for me and then give me back my fixed body and mind.
Please somebody make me better.

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