>My cat is sick

19 Aug

>My beloved Bob, who is quite possibly the worlds most lovely cat (well in my eyes) is sick. He has been sick since birth and has a long list of problems, I just really feel so sorry for him as it is one thing after another. He has a bigger medicine cabinet than me (and that is saying something!) I love him so much and couldn’t bare to be with out him.

I stuck to 128 calories yesterday and then binged and purged today, I wish my mind could stick to one or the other, I don’t no what I am at the moment.

This is my second day without self harming, so I guess that is good.

My parents are coming back from their holiday tomorrow evening. I have really missed my Dad, although I don’t live with my parents (well when I am well any ways!)I have really missed just being down the road from my Dad.

I don’t no if any one actually reads my blog, or whether I am just talking to my self, but there is no change there!

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One response to “>My cat is sick

  1. LosingIt

    22/08/2010 at 1:01 pm

    >I read it, and I find you easy to relate to and I hope dearly that you are able to recover :)I know how tough it is, how exhausting every single day is, but have hope,(this is my attempt at being positive, it doesn't happen often so sorry if it sucks 😛 )Take care,Lucy x


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