>Cast off tomorrow

08 Sep

>My cast comes off tomorrow, like I said the other day I am excited and nervous at the same time. I just want my arm back and all of this to be a distant memory, but I no it isn’t going to be that simple, as I have got another 4 weeks of it being immobilized, then I will start physiotherapy, so it is going to be a long process. I still can’t quite believe that I got myself into this situation, but I no that i have to just look forward now.

I have been really over sleeping, I think at the moment it is easier to sleep then to be awake, even when I am not tired I will force myself to go back to sleep. The less hours in the day, the less likely I am to mess up.

I am sorry to moan about my ear ache all the time, but it is back again, I have no idea why I keep getting it, but it is really pissing me off.

My psychologist is away now for two weeks, I can phone the duty team or crisis team if I need support, but it always scares me when she goes away, as normally something bad happens and I need her. Sometimes I wish she didn’t have holidays, selfish I no.

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