>Did something stupid

11 Nov

>I did something stupid yesterday, I have been having terrible trouble sleep, yesterday I was just so exhausted and needed to sleep, so I took 10 of my anti psychotics, for no other reason than a desperation to sleep. Lets put it this way, I definitely slept! I do not recommend it to anyone though, as obviously it is dangerous.

I had my appointment with my psychologist today, it was good, although I mentioned my YouTube account, she said I was a dark horse as I had never mentioned it before, I always new I would tell her about it eventually, but I have been avoiding it as I am scared that she will look for it now. I think maybe she was a bit annoyed, as I struggle to tell her things sometimes and here I am telling the internet some of my most personal thoughts and feelings. But it is different writing it here on my blog or making a video for my YouTube channel, none of you know who I am, you no my name is Amy, you know I am 26, blah blah blah, but you don’t Know me like she does.

She brought up the topic of my weight, which is something I definitely do not want to talk about. I wish I could talk to her about it, but I can’t, I don’t think she quite realises how chubby I actually am, I always keep my coat and scarf on when in my appointments, so she probably thinks I weigh less than I do, I think she would be horrified if she saw how chunky I actually am.
Hey lets just hope she isn’t reading this now!

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