>Loss of feeling in my fingers

15 Nov

>At the moment I am suffering terrible loss of feeling in the ends of my fingers, they just feel numb, especially my index fingers. I think it is where my hands are so cold all the time from my ED, I am going to put my gloves on in a minute and see if that will help.

I am still having terrible sleeping problems, my psychologist sent me an email today saying that she thinks that too is down to my ED. Apparently your mind stops your body from sleeping because it wants you to search for food. Makes sense, but that doesn’t mean I am going to sleep tonight! I need good old fashioned sleeping tablets, something to knock me out.

Mood wise, I am struggling, I feel like I am just waiting for my body to give up on me, then this can all be over.


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2 responses to “>Loss of feeling in my fingers

  1. kiz

    15/11/2010 at 8:55 pm

    >i know the feeling of cold hands and feet it's really hard cos nothing but a radiatior warms you up. and they havent yet invented mobile radiators but u can get hand warmers for if your outside 🙂 i hope you sleep soon, maybe try drinking a hot drink before bed and see if that helps. xxxkim

  2. Amy

    15/11/2010 at 9:09 pm

    >Try some gloves and hand warmers, or a hot water bottle? It'll help if you can't get any warmth into your fingers. Also move them about a lot. Do you think listening to music or a talking CD could help when trying to sleep? These help Danielle when her insomnia is bad.Thanks for the postcard! 🙂 It was ever so sweet, I will write back soon.Lots of love x


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