>I am not sure what to do with myself

30 Jan

>I just don’t seem to know what to do with myself today, the thoughts in my head are so dark and they scare me. Have self harmed badly again, but I don’t really care to be honest. I am just going to go to bed and start the process all over again tomorrow.

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One response to “>I am not sure what to do with myself

  1. Michael Paoli

    31/01/2011 at 11:19 am

    >Yes, depression sucks, … scary too and all that. But it is among the more treatable of mental illnesses. Be sure you let your therapist/doctor/psychiatrist know what's going on with you – and what you're feeling and thinking, … as much as you can, anyway, … they're there to help you, and can and will help you … especially if you let them. Aye, … dark thoughts … maybe borrow someone else's? 😉 … well, … try listening to some music you like. How's your eating been the last, oh, 24 to 72 hours or so? If you eat well, that helps – doesn't fix everything, but does help make it better. So, … what else can you do that helps, or likely helps? Fresh air? Get out? Walk(s)? Talk with some folk(s)? Hang out with folk(s)/friend(s), etc.? Write, etc.? (diary/journal/log/blog/vlog/…). Does it help if you talk/write about the dark and/or scary stuff that's been going through your head? Do some art stuff? E.g. Maybe make a square if you haven't?… I've got the address if you don't have it.Anyway, it *does* get better, … so ride it out, and do try to do what you reasonably can to make it better, too.


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