>scales need to go down

16 Mar


Me and my friends baby
a couple of weeks ago 🙂

Why the hell is the number on the scales not going down? It is driving me nuts, still only 2 pounds down, it needs to be more. I have to get these pounds off other wise I think I am going to crack.

I am suffering from extreme night sweats, I have to take a spare pair of PJs to bed with me, it is gross. I have no idea why my sweats have suddenly got so much worse, I have had them as a side effect of one of my medications for ages, but suddenly they have got a million times worse. It is keeping my washing machine very busy.

I have been back to my pilates class twice, I stopped going when I went into my last major bout of depression. I love being back, the instructor said I am looking well. When I was last there I had a bmi in the twenties, so she obviously thought I needed to lose weight seeing as she thinks I look better at my current bmi, so that one in the eye of everyone who says I lost to much weight.

Any ways, I am off to visit my friend and her baby tomorrow, she is co cute, it makes me broody, but cuddling other peoples babies is going to have to be as real as it ever gets for me.

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