>I must be better

24 Mar

>I must be better, my lanugo is falling out. For any one that doesn’t no what lanugo is it is hair that grows on your body when you are under weight. Mine mainly grows on my stomach, I have had the most recent lot of it for months, but earlier I noticed it is definitely falling out. Although I am happy it is falling out as it isn’t really that attractive, it is still upsetting, why you ask, because it means I am failing. I have gained to much weight, my BMI the last few weeks has been fluctuating between 16.2 and 16.6, obviously my body thinks this is fine and I don’t need my lanugo.

Any ways, tomorrow is Friday binge day, it is the day of the week I chose to binge, after that it will be back to business. next week I want to complete 3 fast days and the other days under 200 calories.

By the way, my rats are back in my flat, I hate living in a flat with a rat infestation, I it feels so selfish to complain considering what else is going on in the world. I have a roof over my head, I need to be grateful.

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  1. x

    26/03/2011 at 8:05 pm

    >'You need to be grateful' << don't even dare saying that,in all honesty it IS a major upset to have to live with RATS!That isn't acceptable and any other person would be angry,upset and very much wanting to complain.That sounds horrible for you,god,I know that that would really grate on me…Hon you say about the lanugo and before reading any further I knew how it could be upsetting for you.I definitely don't want to sound patronizing in anyway but you must remember and keep at the fore of your mind that lanugo is VERY abnormal.I never got it,even when my BMI was down in the 14's.I know you think it must be so easy for me to speak but I do know the big(and yes abnormal) sense of accomplishment and safety in anorexia.You have a right to complain and you have a right to say what you feel,this is all very very understandable.Really hope you can get out of that flat soon 😦


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