>Being discharged

15 Apr

>Oh yes, you have read it right, I am ‘working towards discharge’. The plan is to discharge me from the CMHT in June. I have had more than my allotted amount of therapy and my psychologist says that I do not want to get better so there is no point in having more. The services are overstretched and so it is bye bye to me. I have been seeing my psychologist for over three years, I have failed to make significant progress, there are other people she could help. I am scared, scared of not having  that support network, granted I don’t really  use it, but it is reassuring that it is there.

I wish I could have a CPN just to monitor me, someone to check in with and off load on, but they are too over run. I don’t want to be on my own.


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2 responses to “>Being discharged

  1. lotte

    16/04/2011 at 8:17 am

    >I cant believe that they can do this,……its a joke….so youhave no CPN no care co ordinator or anything to fall back on? Disgusting!! x x x

  2. I love Bob Betty

    16/04/2011 at 10:25 am

    >Nothing, my care co-ordinator has always been my psychologist, so when I get discharged that is it,the services are too over stretched. I would be glad to be discharged if I was 'better', but I am not. Only yesterday my psychologist said that she was concerned about my once again drop in mood and that she wants my meds to be looked at again. How does any of this make sense? xxx


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