Where’s the justice???

18 Dec

Today the police came to see me to update me on the investigation into the dog attack that happened a few weeks ago, here is a link in case you are not aware as to what happened:

They have tracked down the dog and its owner, they have 4 witness statements from people who came out of their houses and help, they have my statement, they have medical evidence from the injuries my neighbours dog and I suffered, so all in all you would think a pretty good case. Also it turns out that at the beginning of this year the owner was formally questioned after the dog attacked another dog and there owner in very similar circumstances, where the the attacked dog received serious injuries and just like me the owner received bites to her hands.

So this dog is clearly VERY dangerous, you would have thought with so much evidence as to the dangerous nature of the dog it would be straight forward, the dog should be put down, but no. It is a civil matter, a dog on dog attack is not anything the police can legally do except issue a compliance order, which is a bit like an ASBO, there will be requirements like the dog has to be on a lead and wearing a mussel when out in public. The fact that I received injuries is my fault for “putting my hands in the dogs way “. Now bearing in mind the dogs owner has a extensive criminal record and has been formally questioned for a previous dog attack, what do we think the chances are of it being obeyed?

I asked how they would no if he was breaking the compliance order, the police man replied “we wont no until the dog attacks another dog”. Then they would be able to prosecute the owner for breaching the compliance order.

It seems so backwards, we have to wait for it to attack another dog before anything can be done, what happens if it had of been my family dog, a tiny westie, she would never have stood a chance, now we just have to wait for it to happen again.

I asked if we were able to get the owner to pay the vets fees for my neighbours dog, nope, I would have to take him to civil court. I am not usually one for this ‘compensation culture’ that we apparently have, but I think that taking him to court, making him pay compensation may be the only way to stop this owner from being so careless again. Lady, my neighbours dog has been traumatised by this attack, she is 14 years old, she is now petrified of going out of the front door. I relive it over and over again, wondering what I could have done differently, could I have stopped it sooner, should I have walked a different way. I am scared to go any where near where the attack happened. Now we are waiting for it to happen again??? At least taking the owner to civil court may make him more careful.

I don’t no, what do you think?

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