Agony & milk

24 Feb

So I am in agony, my tummy hurts like you would not believe, why? Because I have not been for a number 2 since Sunday, that in itself is not that unusual for me, actually it is pretty normal. The difference now is that I have days worth of the half portioned meal plan I am expected to eat here. My tummy is distended, I feel like I need to pop it with a pin. It hurts so much.

I am still on bed rest and one to one, this in itself is horrible, I could cope with one or the other at a time, I have done numerous stints on one to one in other hospitals, but when the two are combined it is even worse. At least when you are only on a one to one you can still mix with other people and almost forget you are being watched. At the moment I sit in my bed, with a member of staff sat in a chair next to me starring at me. Not easy I can assure you.

We are having arguments over milk, I HATE milk, but didn’t realise when I filled out my 3 allowed dislikes that I would be expected to drink 2x200ml  glasses of milk a day, so never included milk as a dislike. Now they are not letting me change it, I am not trying to be awkward or making up excuses, milk genuinely is something I cannot force down, believe me I tried the first night here. So each time we go through the same thing, if I could drink it I really would, mainly as I am fed up with having to explain it each time and sound like a moaning child “I don’t like milk” “I really can’t drink it” “no I cannot force it down” you get the picture.

It did make me chuckle earlier when my one to one nurse nodded off, I was watching a film on my laptop, then looked up and there he was sound asleep. At least it made me smile I suppose!

My parents are coming tomorrow for a visit, it is a long way for them to come, normally when I am in hosp my Dad is able to visit a few times a week, it is going to take a bit of getting used to now that they are so far away.

I managed to wangle two trips onto the balcony today, they agreed to one 15 min session on the balcony after me asking since yesterday, then when my next one to one came on I asked again and he said OK, so I got my second. Every minute out of my bed feels like a luxury at the moment.



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4 responses to “Agony & milk

  1. gaynor

    24/02/2012 at 11:50 pm

    sorry you are struggling so much, but it is a specialist ED ward, they know what they are doing. I have some understanding has I saw my sister go through a long stint on one. But I also empathise with you, you are having so much thrown at you, eating, one-one, bedrest, new environment ect, I really feel for you. Having to drink milk if you genuinely hate milk seems a strange and hard thing to have to do.
    Make the most of your parents visit (even your mum) they have come a long way.
    I am struggling majorly myself atm, but i am going to write to you, something to cheer you up or something, hang in there Amy, I’m sure it will get better and easier x

  2. michaelpaoli

    25/02/2012 at 2:18 am

    Milk – so, if you’re, uh, not too keen on it, maybe try – very chilled -like down to ice water temperature (can even drop ice right in it), or, perhaps warm or even hot – as may be your, uh, preference. Also, maybe turn it into chocolate milk. If you (and they) are struggling to get you to eat enough, I’d guess they probably wouldn’t mind too much if you *add* something to the milk to make it more palatable … turning it into chocolate milk, or hot coco – maybe even with whipped cream or marshmallows on top … that’d be rather tasty, eh? 😉

    And 5+ days no poop, … yeah, that’s not “normal” – somebody’s not been eating sufficiently and/or right. Eat reasonably (especially the fruits & veggies) and you won’t have that problem – at least if you eat reasonably well with such on a reasonably regular basis.

  3. Zoë Smith

    25/02/2012 at 7:01 am

    Sorry you can’t poo MLFON but it’s probably for the best whilst some beady-eyed nurse would be watching you anyway- you’d shatter all the myths about ladies then.

    I love milk wars, I have nothing helpful to say other than I enjoy reading about it and am looking forward to the next Amy vs the experts battle.

    I hope they let you out of bed soon.

    Much love


    • tinyratty

      25/02/2012 at 9:38 pm

      you make me laugh soooo much Zoe!!!


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