Healing slowly but surely

19 Mar

Yesterday I went back to the burns clinic, I was extremely anxious before going as although I have been doing what I was told to do ie no walking, lying with my legs raised etc, things never go straight forward in my world.

When they took the dressing off I could see instantly patches where the graft was missing, my imidiate reaction was panic, but the doctor reassured me that there there was enough of the graft had survived, so it should heal.

I got to have a shower there whilst my dressings were off, it it the first shower or bath I have been able to have since I burnt myself nearly 1 month ago, so as you can imagine I really enjoyed it. The dressings are back on now, so back to no showers 😦

I have to have my dressings changed on Wednesday and Friday at the GP’s surgery and back to the burns clinic on Monday, where I hope I get another shower! But most of all I hope I see that my leg has healed even more.

I am allowed to walk moderately now, which is great, as I have spent so long on bed rest with my legs raised. So yesterday I took a walk to the shop and today I met my friend in town. Slowly things are getting back to normal.


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2 responses to “Healing slowly but surely

  1. Will

    19/03/2013 at 11:45 pm

    Great news about your graft! Glad your allowed to walk too.
    You didn’t bathe for a month!? Poo-weee! Sending hugs xx

  2. Zuzka

    20/03/2013 at 3:59 pm

    Just wanted to send some positive vibes your way, Amy. Hope your leg heals quickly. ❤


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