wetting the bed

13 Nov

I have had a problem ever since I had my supra pubic catheter removed,I keep wetting myself and the bed,it is humiliating being a 29 year old woman and having to wear tena pants to bed,

The supra pubic catheter for those who don’t know is a catheter that goes directly into your bladder through a whole made in your stomach. I had it put in as an emergency and it was all really traumatic,I wrote about it in a previous blog entry.

But I had it in for about 8 months and since having it removed it has been a night mare, wetting myself day and night. I have followed advice from the specialists about not drinking caffeine (so know pepsi max cherry for me 😦 ) etc. The specialist recommended some meds,but is wary about me taking it as I have a history of going into retention,hence needing a catheter in the first place.

I am going to go to the doctors and ask whether he thinks I should take these meds or not. decisions decisions.

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